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what darren looks like:


what his fans think he looks like:


LOL THIS. I’ve seen this comparison so many times and it’s just,  WHAT?? The other one I see a lot is that he looks and sounds like Brendon Urie. Um, NO.



More like he’s the incredibly poor man’s version of Brendon Urie.

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Tiny!Porthos and Tiny!Constance modern au starring Kassius Johnson as Porthos and Piper Mackenzie Harris as Constance. (And as usual, thanks so much franinconverse for helping out with this)

Porthos and Constance both go to the same public school in the city (while Aramis and Athos go to a private school together and d’Artagnan lives out in the country and is homeschooled for now), one day Constance got into a fight with some boys on the playground and Porthos came over and decided to help her since that many against one isn’t fair. While sitting in the office waiting for their guardians to come pick them up the two become friends with Porthos telling Constance that next time she should wait until he can be there too. Since that moment they’ve been inseparable, much to Constance’s parents’ annoyance as they think Porthos is a bad influence. Porthos always walks Constance home, refusing to let her get into the possibility of a fight without him and he says together the two of them can beat anybody.

They’re both fiercely loyal to each other and are always seen working on projects together. Porthos excels at English classes but struggles with math, but since Constance helps her mom sew and work on measurements she’s excellent at it and helps Porthos with his homework when he needs it. Porthos comes from the lower part of the city, his parents just scrapping up enough money to be able to send him to that school in a better area, Constance knows that so she always gets her mom to pack a little extra for lunch so she can share with Porthos. Both of them love watching movies about pirates and sword fighting and Constance helped her mom make them Musketeer outfits for Halloween once. They also both like superheros and the idea fighting the good fight and making a difference and spend a lot of time pretending to be them. (Porthos loves the Black Panther and Constance loves Rogue.)

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Unpopular opinion 


Rachel, in reality, would be savaged by the critics and the revival would be a flop.

Rachel is imitating Streisand as Fanny, not making the role her own. The show might get an audience for being relatively tame and therefore family friendly, but she would be panned for playing Fanny as a Streisand impersonator instead of trying to find a fresh take on the character.

This is clearly RIB’s direction as Lea is capable of depth and making a role her own.

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i’m gonna have trouble believing funny girl as anything other than a catastrophic flop considering that their lead is a completely untested commodity barely a year out of high school who, from what we’ve seen, didn’t do a goddamn thing to revitalize a role originally written over fifty years ago and is simply doing her best impersonation of the first incarnation.

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"Queerbaiting is the silent killer in our televisions. Please, make sure your favorite shows get tested early and often. In the first stages of queerbaiting, the disease is regularly mistaken for actual representation and the start of a romantic arc. Symptoms include lingering physical contact, intense gazes, vague but seemingly meaningful confessions and innuendo-filled dialogue. One of the most prevalent symptoms is referred to by the medical community as “eye sex,” with hundreds of cases on record. So far, the only cure for queerbaiting seems to be not engaging with the show itself, but the more time that passes, the deeper the investment and thus the more difficult the treatment."

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sassfeathers: "Top 5 Superheroes"

1. Storm
2. Hawkeye
3. Wonder Woman
4. Flash
5. Gambit

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isloremipsumafterall: "Top 5 female characters~"

1. Storm from The X Men
2. Faith from BTVS
3. Tina Cohen Chang from Glee
4. Eponine from Les Miserables
5. Maureen Johnson from Rent

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