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Stephen competing in the sack race

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Cracked was challenged to put ice water on our heads in support of ALS. We have in turned challenged our good buddies/enemies for life CollegeHumor. This was the second time Soren and I covered ourselves in ice water together. The first time was for a different thing.

The first time remains a closely guarded secret and you’ll never get the details out of us.

Now here’s a GIF of thisdanobrien's WWE-worthy finish:


you’re all dorks and I love it

Thanks love you too

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Maybe we’re powerless, a corner full of foreigners.
Maybe this neighborhood’s changing forever
Maybe tonight is our last night together, however!
How do you wanna face it?
Do you wanna waste it, when the end is so close you can taste it?
Y’all could cry with your head in the sand
I’m a fly this flag that I got in my hand!

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"grow up" says the whiny misogynist baby throwing a hissy fit because they’re not allowed to be offensive and bigoted and that’s just not fair

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Les Mis is one of the only things I’ve ever encountered that simultaneously makes me want to conquer the world and curl up in the fetal position and never move again.

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tiallisaur: "Portamis - 34 please"

34. meeting at a masquerade ball au

Porthos stood in front of the mirror with a scowl on his face. He was currently buttoning up his suit jacket and in his opinion he looked ridiculous. He hardy ever wore a suit, let alone one this fancy, but it was the night of the companies annual fundraiser and this years theme was a masquerade ball. Normally he would find a way to get out of it but he knew there was no escape this time. He spotted Constance over his shoulder in the mirror adjusting her gloves and sighed.

"Constance I look like a fool."

"No you don’t." Constance protested. "You look very handsome. Now do you need help with your tie?"

Porthos nodded, handing Constance the Emerald Green silk tie. “Of all the party ideas though why did it have to be a masquerade?”

"Because Anne thought it would be fun and you know that Louis can’t deny her anything." Constance smiled. "Plus it’s great publicity for the company. And after all that business with Savoy they want to make sure that everyone get’s the message that it was a peaceful merger of the two companies."

"Peaceful my ass. We hardly got any sleep that month because the Savoy legal team were so pedantic. What were their names?"

"Athos and Aramis I believe." She replied as she adjusted his tie.

"God do you think they’ll be there tonight?"

"Most likely. But don’t worry, the likelihood of you meeting them at the ball is practically zero and even if you did you wouldn’t know it was them.” She reached over to the desk that stood next to the mirror and picked up their masks. His was black with swirls of emerald green and hers was gold with ruby to match her dress. “Speaking of which, could you help me put this on? I don’t want to ruin my hair. It took far too long to get it like this.”


They entered the ballroom together, and Porthos had to admit that it did look spectacular. When the House of Bourbon put on a party they really put on a party. Constance had almost immediately abandoned him to go speak to Flea (even with the full face mask there was no hiding the flashes of red in her blonde hair) leaving him standing alone and slightly awkward in a sea of masked faces.

He made his way quickly across the crowded floor until he reached the bar, incredibly happy that all the drinks were free tonight. He ordered himself a whiskey and began to count the minutes until it would be safe to slip away unnoticed.

After the bartender gave him his drink he made his way over to Louis and Anne, who were situated in the middle of the room with Victor and Christine, surrounded by the media hoping to get a good story for the morning newspaper. Porthos thought if he could just say hello to them then he could escape into the gardens just off the ballroom and no one would miss him for a few hours. Constance might come looking for him but he was banking on the fact that Flea could be quite distracting when she wanted to be, especially when she looked as beautiful as she did tonight.

He made his way back through the crowd until he was standing just outside the crowd of reporters. When there was a lull in the questioning he seized his opportunity and quickly darted in.

"Porthos? Is that you?" Anne asked as soon as she spotted him.

"Yes it is. And may I say you are looking resplendent this evening.”

"Why thank you Porthos."

"Porthos? Are you the same Porthos who put my legal team through so much trouble?" Victor suddenly chipped in.

"The very same."

Victor reached out and clapped him on the shoulder. “You and Constance are one hell of a legal team and I am glad we are now on the same side. You definitely put my boys through their paces that’s for sure.” He smiled broadly.

"Well they gave as good as they got." He smiled back.

It looked as though he might be stuck in this conversation longer than he had anticipated but he was saved by a few high level investors who decided to make their presence known. He quietly excused himself and made his way out of the ballroom.


As he pushed the doors open, the cold night air hit him in the face and he immediately felt more calm. He was completely ready to spend some alone time surrounded by the beautiful garden when he realised he wasn’t alone. A man was sitting at the bottom of the steps in a black suit with a blue tie and a matching blue mask.

"Oh hello. I thought I’d be the only one out here." He said as the man turned to look at him. "Would you mind me sitting out here too?"

"Of course. There’s more than enough room for both of us."

Porthos made his way down the steps and sat next to the man. They sat there in silence for a while until the man started making small talk and suddenly they were in a spirited debate.

He didn’t know how long they spent talking, but it felt like he’d known this man his entire life. He’d felt so comfortable with his that he’d completely forgotten to ask him his name. He assumed that he must have been from the Savoy company because he didn’t recognise his voice at all and the man clearly hadn’t recognised his.

"Would it be terribly forward of me to ask you for a dance?" The man asked out of the blue.

"Yes it would. But that’s ok because I would love to."

Porthos reached out his hand and took his outstretched hand, pulling him close as they swayed in time to the beat. He knew it was strange but he had never felt so close to someone before. This man just seemed to get him in ways very few people did. As they danced Porthos found it more and more difficult not to just lean down and press a kiss against his mystery man’s lips. His companion clearly had the same idea because they slowly stopped swaying to the music and he began to lean up to meet him half way.

"Oh Porthos! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you."

Way to ruin a moment Constance. Porthos thought to himself as the man in his arms pulled away.

"Porthos? You’re Porthos?" His mystery companion asked, shock in his voice.


The man pulled off his mask, and Porthos’ jaw dropped.


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Underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of our African ancestors thrown overboard.

I couldnt not reblog this, it’s so powerful to me.

oh my god.




Underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of our African ancestors thrown overboard.

I couldnt not reblog this, it’s so powerful to me.

oh my god.

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get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite movies: Bring It On (2000)

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"I work for Reuters. I’m a journalist in the media business.

Back in 2008, I sat in a conference and reviewed some proposals to integrate news sources focused on electronic gaming into our RSS service as niche content providers.

We considered IGN, Gamespot, and a few other syndicated online info feeds.

Now, in order to white label a source as affiliated with Reuters, you need to run through a checklist of ~100 items that are necessary for journalistic integrity. The source and its organization has to score at least a 60 out of 100 for it to be considered fair and unbiased.

These tests are carried out by senior journalists, editors, and investigators.

NONE of the gaming publications scored higher than a 15. For reference, the National Enquirer scored a 38 and the MSNBC blogosphere scored 44.

Some failures included:
- Economic ties with publishers
- Acceptance of favors
- 0% of staff held journalism degree
- Very small percentage worked in other major publications
- No real editing process
- No accountability

tl;dr: Gaming “journalism” is a joke and the laughingstock of reporting media. Continue to read these publications if you want, but assume that everything you read is biased or an outright lie.”


- Gaming news is officially worse than supermarket tabloids folks. Let that sink in for a while. These people are are several steps below “IS BRAD PITT CHEATING ON ANGELINA???” (via bonglorio)

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Anonymous: "Athos/D'artagnan - 1"

1. soulmates au

Athos hated the entire concept of soul mates. If he had to listen to one more person tell him that his soul mate was just out there waiting for him then he would explode. Sure, the idea worked. He had to watch his two best friends act as thought they were physically attached at the hip every day but it just worked for Aramis and Porthos. They were truly made for each other. Athos had spent the last 7 years since he came of age assuming the only soul mate he’d ever find was his beloved wine.

The concept was simple really. When you turn 18 your soul starts searching for it’s other half. Normally people find them within a year and live happily ever after like some childish fairytale, although it wasn’t rare for it to take a little longer. 7 years however was a bit of a stretch and it just served to convince Athos further that he wasn’t meant for anyone else. That he was made to be alone.

Well, that was until he literally bumped into D’Artagnan and his life turned upside down.

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